Questions to Ask a Supplier

We’ve listed some questions below that the hot water installation company should be able to answer for you during your meeting with them.

If they can’t or they won’t, take that into consideration when assessing your 3 quotes.  You might find it helpful to print this page out for your meeting.

  1. Does the price include all system components as well as installation?
  2. Is the tradesperson/supplier able to provide any references for previous work undertaken?
  3. Does the quote include reimbursement for sale of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and/or any council/government rebates you may be eligible for?
  4. What are the servicing/maintenance requirements of the system likely to be (particularly in cold or humid climates), and are replacement parts available?
  5. Does the system have a warranty applicable to the climate that you live in?
  6. Will the installation be designed to reduce weathering of storage tanks and heat loss through piping?
  7. For solar hot water heaters: Do you have adequate solar access, and what type of booster system will suit your situation?
  8. For gas hot water systems: Do you have access to natural gas or will you have to use LPG gas bottles?
  9. For heat pump systems: Will the system be located in a place where noise from the pump will disturb you or your neighbours, particularly at night?
  10. What system will meet your needs (e.g. number of bathrooms/size of family), climate and situation (e.g. availability of natural gas/hours of sun on your roof)?
  11. Will a Notice of Intent (NOI) and a Certificate of Compliance be submitted for this work?  Will a copy be provided for you records?
  12. Check that their registration or licence is current on one of the registers below:

For more details, visit the sustainable energy buying guide.

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