Choosing the Right System

Choosing right system

Choosing the right hot water system type can be challenging and potentially confusing. We have created an easy three step process for you to follow, that will assist in selecting the right system type and the heating method preferred.


Decide which factors are the most important to you when choosing a system

The outright purchase price, energy efficiency, total power consumption, cost to operate, etc.

System Price Ranges (excl. installation costs)
Electric: $300 – $1500   |   Gas: $900 – $2000   |   Solar: $2000 – $7000


Choose a type of system

Choose either a Storage or a Continuous Flow System.
If you are unsure about the two types of systems, click here for more information.


Consider the heating method you prefer

There are four types of hot water systems: Electricity, Gas, Solar or Heat Pump.

Take into consideration whether or not you already have gas connected to your current system,  as there will most likely be additional cost to have this connected to a new system.

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